Second Passport

Are you a frequent traveller who needs to have a passport with you at all times? VisaExpress can obtain a second passport or renew a second passport for you which will allow you to travel on one passport while the other passport is used to secure visas for future travel. Frequent travellers are advised to request a Jumbo Second Passport which has an additional 18 pages.


Get a Second Passport



To Get a Second Passport You Will Need To:

  1. View or email the forms and requirements.  The VisaExpress Application Pack provides you with a summary of the travel documents you requested, important information, step-by-step instructions for the personal documents you need to provide and the application forms you need to fill out.
  2. Print, fill out and sign the forms.  Use the instructions in the VisaExpress Application Pack as a guide to help you gather your personal documents and fill out the forms.
  3. Send the personal documents and completed forms to VisaExpress.  Once you have gathered your personal documents and completed the forms make a copy for your records and submit the originals to the VisaExpress location listed in the VisaExpress Application Pack.  We will begin processing your order as soon as we receive it.  VisaExpress will email you a summary of your order and will contact you if additional information is required.

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The VisaExpress global team of travel visa and passport specialists is committed to providing our customers and clients with the highest level of personal attention and professional service. VisaExpress is committed to remaining the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to obtain travel visas and passports.

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