Important Information

Ebola Virus Disease Prevention

Admission refused to visitors arriving from Guinea (Conakry) and Sierra Leone. Nationals of any country who have visited Guinea and Sierra Leone within the last four weeks prior to visa submission will be refused entry. 

Sample of the Business Travel Requirements for an Saudi Arabia Visa for UK Citizens

  1. Visa Validity

    The Saudi Embassy issues visa validity and entries based on the visa support supplied. Completed visas cannot be changed or extended once they have been issued. The Embassy's decision is final and cannot be contested by VisaExpress

  2. Registration Procedure

    Complete applications must be received at VisaExpress before 2pm. This allows VisaExpress to complete the registration process required by the Embassy for next day submission. The Saudi Arabia Embassy applies a Registration fee of £7.75 for this process.  

  3. Passport

    The applicant's actual passport. The passport must:

    • Have two blank facing visa pages
    • Be valid for six months beyond entry date
    • Be machine readable

  4. Photograph

    You must provide a photograph. Upload your photo and we will print it to the exact specifications required for this visa. Follow to upload your photo.

    Alternatively, you may provide two colour, passport type photographs that meet the following strict criteria: be taken within the last three months against a white background and printed on high quality photo paper; be 35mm by 45mm in size; provide the full frontal view of your head with your face centered in the middle and displaying a neutral (non-smiling) expression. You may wear neither spectacles nor headwear except for religious purposes. Your photographs should not be affixed to your application and may not display evidence of adhesive or staples.

  5. Business Introduction Letter

    An original letter of introduction from the applicant's UK employer. This letter must:

    • Be addressed to the Embassy
    • Be on official company letterhead paper
    • Bear the company registration number
    • Include the activities of the company
    • Request the issuance of the visa
    • Include the full name of the applicant
    • Include the passport number of the applicant
    • Include the nationality of the applicant
    • Include the applicant's job title
    • Indicate the invitation number or visa number which can be found here
    • Include the start date at the company
    • Include the name and address of the host company
    • Specify the purpose of journey
    • Specify the duration of visit
    • Include the date of travel
    • Include the type of visa requested
    • Specify the requested number of entries 
    • Include an acceptance of financial responsibility and repatriation for the applicant
    • Be signed and dated by the head of department, electronic signatures will not be accepted
    • Bear the company stamp
    • Have been issued within two weeks before application
    • Be stamped and certified by the British Chamber of Commerce

    A sample Business Introduction Letter template can be found in the application pack. Please be advised that the Business Introduction Letter provided must match the format of the template or risk rejection.

    VisaExpress can assist with the certification of your business letter from the British Chamber of Commerce. The current processing time for this service is one working day.   

    Please complete the Formal Undertaking Form which can be found here and include with the rest of your documentation when sending to VisaExpress. A fee of £74.20 + VAT applies per order which includes a charge of £39.20 + VAT levied by the Chamber of Commerce. Copies are accepted.

    If the signatory of your business letter is already registered with the London Chamber of Commerce then a copy of the formal undertaking form that was previously submitted must be supplied.

  6. Letter of Invitation

    A letter of invitation issued by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A copy is acceptable. This must:

    • Indicate a UK company name matching the letterhead of the UK Business Introduction Letter
    • Have been issued within six weeks before the visa application date

  7. Declaration Form

    One original signed Declaration Form. Applicants are requested to print their name and sign and date the English section of this document

  8. Visa Application Form

    One fully completed and signed application form. This form must:

    • Be completed in black ink only
    • Be completed in block capitals only
    • Be completed by the applicant only. Third party handwriting will not be accepted
    • Have no handwritten changes. Correction fluid will not be accepted
    • Be fully completed in the lower section "IMPORTANT:THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED FULLY"

    Applicants who have never had a previous nationality must complete their present nationality in both sections.

  9. VisaExpress Order Confirmation

    For orders placed on the VisaExpress website, a copy of the Online Order Confirmation which is sent to you via email, must be submitted.

    For all other orders, and where applicable, a completed VisaExpress Visa Order Form which can be found in the VisaExpress Application Pack should be submitted.

    Please note that all card payments will only be made upon completion of the visa application process. 

  10. Arrival By Land or Sea

    Visas issued in the UK are valid for entry by air only.  Applicants who intend to enter Saudi Arabia by crossing the King Fahd Causeway are only permitted to do so if they have a valid multiple entry visa that has already been used on arrival by air at least once.

  11. Early Retrieval Of Passports

    Once a visa application is submitted to the Embassy the passport cannot be retrieved or expedited until the process is completed. In an emergency the Embassy may return the passport but the process will be summarily cancelled and the applicant will have to re-submit the complete visa application including the payment. To withdraw the passport the applicant must send a signed withdrawal letter addressed to the Embassy to VisaExpress. The passport will be returned to VisaExpress within 48 hours.

  12. Holders of a Valid Visa

    Applicants are only permitted to hold one valid Saudi visa at any one time. Applicants holding a valid visa can only submit a new application to the Embassy once the existing visa has expired. 

  13. Applicants not born in country of nationality

    Applicants whose nationality differs from their country of birth and who have not held a previous nationality must provide a legalised copy of their birth certificate proving this.

  14. Processing Time

    Applicants who would like VisaExpress to assist with the certification of their business letter from the British Chamber of Commerce are advised that the additional processing time of one working day must be added to processing time of their visa to ensure intended departure dates can be met.

Important Information

Ebola Virus Disease Prevention

Admission refused to visitors arriving from Guinea (Conakry) and Sierra Leone. Nationals of any country who have visited Guinea and Sierra Leone within the last four weeks prior to visa submission will be refused entry. 

Sample of the Tourist Travel Requirements for an Saudi Arabia Visa for UK Citizens

  1. Personal Application Only

    Only travellers who have booked through an authorised tour operator are eligible for tourist visas. In such cases the tour operator will organise the visa on the travellers behalf.  

    Travellers arriving in Saudi Arabia to perform pilgramage must select "Pilgramage (Umrah)" from the drop down box to determine visa requirements specific to their nationality.

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